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MS Office Password Recovery Software to Recover Password from Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint File.

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Get Complete password recovery bundle & Recover password from Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint file.

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Password Recovery Services at afforadable price. Invest very cost and receive original file password.

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Excel Unlocker & Excel Password Remover to Recover Password from Excel Spreadsheet
MS Excel Password Recovery Software
Excel Password Recovery feature:
  • Recover lost or forgotten MS Excel Password
  • Fast Excel password recovery search speed
  • Recovery using Dictionary Attack & Brute force Attack
  • Excel Unlock tool recovers all types of Excel Passwords

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Excel Password Remover Software

Recover & Remove Excel Workbook Protection
Forgetting password to your excel spreadsheet can be cause the bigger problem. Halting the work because of the lost password causes immediate monetary loss. Get 100% control over your own created excel documents even if they are protected with a password using PDS Excel Password Recovery/Remover software. Perfect Data Solutions for Excel Password Recovery software is a program to recoer lost excel password and break exel spreadsheet password with in very slight time. PDS perfectly launched best Password Recovery Software for Excel which can recover lost excel password and securely protect excel file password.

Password Recovery of Excel Files:

PDS Excel Password unlocker program uses 2 types of recovery modes:

  1. Dictionary Based Attack
  2. Brute Force Attack

Dictionary Based Attack: PDS Excel Password breaker "Dictionary Attack" consists of trying "every word in the dictionary" as a possible password for an encrypted message.


Brute Force Attack: A "Brute Force Attack" consists of trying every possible code, combination, or password until you find the right one.


Advance Excel password unlocker tool quickly find excel password and unlock excel documents created with all version of Microsoft Excel from ancient 97 to the mordern 2013. Get Excel password original and re-open locked excel spreadsheet files without any difficulty.

Features of Excel File Password Remover Program:

  • Easy Password Recovery of Excel Files
  • Recover Excel Password using Dictionary Attack & Brute Force Attack
  • Fast Excel password recovery search speed
  • Free updates during 1 year for our registered clients.
  • Full install/uninstall support
  • 30-Day Money-back guarantee
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To recover lost excel password file use PDS Excel Password Recovery Software.